Why to use Beyond AI?

Beyond AI is an advisory service. The market’s movement is bullish or bearish, Beyond AI gives the direction of the market, signals, and readings to 9 Forex Currency Pairs, CRYPTO, GOLD, and S&P500 INDEX.

Made By Traders For Traders

Traders always seek the most crucial thing in trading. This is the price direction.

Watche The Market Like Never Before

Beyond AI works on integrated neural networks developed by market experts to self-learn from price fluctuations.

We Are Not Brokers

No conflict of interest. Not linked to trade platform commissions.

Based On

Transparency, trust, best values, and confidence.

Beyond AI features

Not A Robot

No human interference. The signals generated by Beyond AI are entirely automated.

No Technical Analysis

Don't look at the past and guess the future. The market is dynamic and has no rules, the technical analysis always depends on the chart's history.

No Fundamental Analysis

Beyond AI does not use any fundamental analysis or classical methods to predict price movements.

Self Generated Directions

We feed Beyond AI combining data and prices and letting the magic happen.

Self-Learning Cases If Required

What makes Beyond AI smarter is the way it learns from the new cases it faces.
If you're still undecided about whether to register or not, please check out our FAQ section for more information.

What is it that a trader really needs?

We understand the noise and how crowded the market is with tools, technical analysts, trading signals, and more. We like to simplify things. We kept it simple comfort and elegant. If you are a trader all you need is the direction, entry, and where to exit your losing trade.


With the multiple and affordable pricing, we believe that we have created the most affordable plans for our clients.

1 Month

80€ / Monthly

Billed monthly


1 User Account
Forex – Index – Crypto
Technical Readings
Full Support

25% discount

3 Months

60€ / Monthly

Billed by 3 months


1 User Account
Forex – Index – Crypto
Technical Readings
Full Support

30% discount

6 Months

55€ / Monthly

Billed by 6 months


1 User Account
Forex – Index – Crypto
Technical Readings
Full Support

35% discount

12 Months

52€ / Monthly

Billed by 12 months


1 User Account
Forex – Index – Crypto
Technical Readings
Full Support


In case you have any questions you could not find in the frequently asked questions section contact us.

What is Beyond AI?

Artificial Intelligence Engine is an advisory service that enables traders to know the direction of the trend market.

How does it help me in trading?

The Beyond AI Engine helps you determine the market’s direction, and basically, that is all you need to know in order to place your trades correctly.

How is it different from other tools?

Zero Technical Indicators, it is the first forex self-learning machine that predicts the market’s movement on a decent accurate level.

How do you send

We send signals to a private group in the Telegram channel. During the day it comes from 3 to 4 updates.

Do you publish free

Yes, we provide signals on our free Telegram channel.

You don’t need

To make a watchlist, to check the news, to plan your trades, to review your trades.

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Risk Disclaimer Warnings

The company doesn’t bear any responsibility for any trading losses you might incur as a result of using this data. Note that whatever is published by the company reflects the company’s opinion and is not necessarily correct. Trading is at your own risk.